Identify & Conquer - Mental Health Fitness

Identify & Conquer - Mental Health Fitness

Welcome to Identify and Conquer your go-to Mental Health Fitness Podcast. We could all use a little work on our brains - specifically our emotional and psychological health.

We're going to discuss our mental health - in terms of mental stability, strength, flexibility, creativity, and mindset shifts. And we are going to keep talking.

This will be different than the traditional podcast. Together we will identify the things that keep us stuck – what fears, insecurities, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs are holding us back. How our own brain taunts us and can be our own worst enemy.

We will explore weakening the saboteur region of the brain and strengthening the section of the brain where our sage resides. We'll discuss neuroscience, mental illness, and how to reframe our thoughts to help avoid anxiety, depression, and general unhappiness.

This podcast is going to be multifaceted and interactive – if you want to play in those spaces with me, or you can just sit back and listen. I am not just going to talk AT you – I am going to provide tools, offer skills courses and live Q&A sessions. Join our free community now to access all of that.

By working together and working consistently we will create the change needed to conquer negative mindsets. We are going to get to the bottom of what is stopping us from living our best life.

We will explore the negative things we do and say to ourselves to sabotage our success and happiness. This is all about doing the work to make lasting change and getting unstuck once and for all.

This is about having a mental health fitness plan. We have all participated in team-building events or retreats and leave ready to change the world - then two days later we're over it and back to our old lives. This is because nothing is continuing to feed that excitement or give us tools to keep us motivated and successfully implement lasting change…

This is that place.

Please join our community now and let's start the conversation. 

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